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Why you should network and network now

As valuable as your gleaming diploma, your prosperous ideas, and your relentless drive can be, the road to ultimate success still remains irresolute without the vital skill of networking comes into play. And knowing we live in a time of blossoming social media and high interconnectivity where the world is just one click away, stored compactly in our ever evolving devices, there is honestly no better time but now to start building meaningful yet professional relationships.

 So why network? Why exert so much energy in starting conversations, exchanging information, and nurturing new relationships? Well…

More Opportunities

When scrolling endlessly through a list of job openings online, hoping to land upon your dream job that doesn’t require the 20 years of experience you don’t have, what you don’t know is that your network can save you the time spent despondently scouring the internet, with insider information on suitable job openings, accompanied with positive referrals to your work, making all the difference.

More Exposure

Knowing more people means knowing more potential clients, more potential partners, more potential mentors, just more, more and more. This vast expanse of options is a major advantage that can get your business places you alone even with your striking intelligence would have never been able to reach.

Gaining Knowledge & Resources

Despite the endless volume of material you might have covered during your studies, there is always room to learn something new. And with a network of potentially more experienced and diversified individuals, you might find yourself learning something fresh and innovative through a casual conversation over coffee that would take your business from point A to point B, slowly pushing you up the success ladder.

Gaining Support

When you’ve dismally reached that disheartening moment when it appears that all doors are closed, your network can be that key that opens yet another door. So don’t underestimate the power of a lending hand.

Having Better Self Confidence

Just like they’ve always said: Practice makes perfect. Continuously striking up a conversation, eloquently introducing yourself, and unceasingly learning to preserve favorable relationships through your network, is an inevitable formula to budding self-confidence. And with self-confidence comes not only a feeling of self-contentment, but a sure stimulant to set more ambitious goals, and take more bold and enterprising risks.

Becoming more Open Minded and Accepting

Dealing with diverse faces attached to the varied and dissimilar personalities and interests of your network will really encourage you to become more accepting of differences, which is a crucial trait to inhibit in a world where your work environment most probably might consist of Gary from Michigan and Ahmed from Cairo. 

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By: Malak Kamel

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