Ever wondered why you should freelance! Taking the decision to hop onto the freelancing bandwagon can be a tough one to make. Freelancing can differ completely from the typical 9 to 5 office job we’re all so used to, therefore, the choice can be quite intimidating. However, despite the initial concern, if you look further […]

The Newly launched professional networking app, Tays, has made connection-building exponentially easier.In this article, you’ll get to know 5 tips for successful networking on Tays…… The app works with a unique algorithm that bases match on location, interests, educational backgrounds, and common mindsets, which puts an intriguing twist on basic professional networking. Tays is the […]

Have you ever asked yourself “what is networking and how networking works?”As statistics show, the majority of job vacancies are occupied through networking, therefore, having good networking skills is very important to anyone who wants to advance their career. This is not only relevant to fresh graduates who want a job; this is relevant to […]

An ultimate guide to digital marketing is crucial in a time where phone screens and electronics devices are verily dominant. Utilizing the internet and the devices we continue to create day in and day out is unquestionably the most efficient manner to market one’s own products and services in current times. Therefore, given its importance, […]

We all worry about what to say in a job interview, but often we completely neglect thinking about what NOT to say. Avoiding specific statements can really help you steer clear of losing precious points in the eyes of your interviewer.   A job interview can really be a crucial aspect of your application process as […]

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