TaysTaya Bakhoum On How Determination Helped Her Succeed As a Stylist

Taya Bakhoum On How Determination Helped Her Succeed As a Stylist

Taya Bakhoum, 20, has managed to build her brand as a fashion stylist working with major brands and magazines such as Okhtein and Vogue Arabia. After a friend asked her to be the stylist for her jewelry line photoshoot, Bakhoum was quick to start her instagram page as an online portfolio. At the age of 16, Okhtein had already reached out to her as they were eminently impressed by her styling skills showcased on her page. “After the shoot for Okhtein, other clients piled in and those clients pulled other clients,” said Bakhoum.

As a teenager in the industry, Bakhoum explained that people did not seem to take her seriously because of how young she was at the time. She, however, decided that she would not let this stop her or drown down her ambitions. She kept moving forward and working to prove herself. “One of the things that I have learned about myself was how perseverant I am. When I want to reach a goal, I will do anything that I can. I learned that I have an insane amount of determination when it comes to doing something that I want. The third thing that the industry has helped me learn were social skills. I know now that I can talk to anyone,” Bakhoum elaborated. 

From asking teachers permission to go to shoots instead of classes, to missing friends’ birthdays and hangouts, Bakhoum prioritized her work. All of the opportunities she strived for aided in furthering her career so Bakhoum thought it was crucial to not miss out on the chances she was offered. Her parents, teachers and friends were all very supportive of the decisions she was making regarding her styling career. She was determined to succeed in the field and even got certified by taking a couple of highly credible courses in the London College of Fashion. Right now, she is studying Fashion, Business communication and Media arts at The Istituto Marangoni Milano Fashion School. On her days off, she meets clients back in Egypt. 

“A balance had to be made between my social life and work life. I sometimes had to sacrifice some things in order to get to where I am,” she said. When asked about whether those sacrifices made her unhappy, she told us that this was not the case. Through all the decisions that Bakhoum made to further her career, her determination shined through.

“Speaking up about social issues that I care about is something that I aim to do more of,” Bakhoum explained when asked about the importance of using a platform to talk about important issues. She recently collaborated with YSL and Dire for a campaign that was raising awareness about violence against women. “As an Egyptian woman, I feel like I need to speak about it. I follow accounts such as, Assault police, that advocate for such issues. It creates a sense of community.”

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By: Shahd Sameh

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