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Get to know how to dress for an interview

How to Dress For an Interview

A job interview is an essential step in landing that dream job you so eagerly long for. It is the golden opportunity to best reflect your personality and sell your points of strength in an attempt to hopefully impress your interviewer. As much as the confidence you exude, and the well-rounded answers you deliver are critical, your interview attire is just as much of a major aspect in presenting that exceptionally memorable impression you aim to present. An elegantly put-together attire can really go a long way in helping you secure the job and make that striking first impression. After all, they do say you only get one chance to make a first impression. So do it right with our top Tays tips on how to dress appropriately for a job interview. 

Research your Company

Before deciding on an outfit, start by doing some research on the firm or company to be able to determine the formality of the workplace. You can do so by checking their Instagram page or any of their existing social media accounts. If not much information is present online, you can resort to calling the HR department, explaining that you have an interview and that you would like to be informed of the appropriate dress code. 

Also, put in mind the industry or the position you are applying for. For example, if you are applying to a law or finance firm, you should consider a more formal attire. This can differ from men to women. Men can wear a matching suit and tie. Whilst women can consider a tailored dress, pantsuit, or suit. If however, the industry or role you intend to join is less formal and overall more flexible and expressive in terms of their work attire, you should opt for a relaxed business casual look.

Strive for Comfort

You need to consider two substantial points when choosing your outfit and those are comfort and fit. These clothes will be seared into a critical, and potentially life-altering moment and you do not need to be distracted by anything unsettling with your outfit. It will weaken your position in front of the interviewer and disturb your much-needed focus. 

You should highly consider the fit as you do not need the clothes to be too tight or too loose in some places as that can lead to discomfort or an overall less graceful appearance. Your outfit should be the epitome of functionality and convenience.  

Second, you should ask yourself  “what makes you comfortable?”  The clothes you wear impact your mindset and well-being. They should make you feel self-assured and poised. If your clothing option looks sensationally good yet is laced with extreme discomfort, we have nothing to say but avoid. 

Avoid Common Attire Mistakes

When you are choosing your outfit for the interview, you need to avoid certain clothing mistakes that can be deemed inappropriate or unbefitting by the interviewer. It is very easy to fall into such mistakes since clothing is a subjective matter, with each person often expressing their own distinctive style and preferences regardless of what is considered conventional. However, when it comes to your professional interview attire, it is time you set your inclination towards specific items deemed unfitting aside, to better increase your chances of moving forward in the job application process.

Here is what you should certainly avoid wearing: 

1. Clothing That is too Big 

If the outfit is way too large on you, it will not look sophisticated but rather slouchy and unrefined. Take your time to make sure each component of your outfit fits correctly. 

2. Revealing Attire

To some, less is better. However, in the workplace environment that is considered inappropriate, and consequently your interview attire should reflect that by being more on the conservative side. Keep this in mind when assessing the neckline, waistband, and hemline of your outfit.

3. Flashy Outfits

Do not go overboard with electric colors, busy patterns, and similar choices as they tend to be very distracting in an environment that is centered around focus and professionalism. This does not mean you should completely diminish any reflection of your personality in your outfit. You can still add an item or two that will add some pop of color and personality to your outfit without being too overwhelming. To sum it up: keep most of your outfit neutral and conservative and use only a hint of flare if desired.  

4. Words and Logos

Evident words and logos should be abolished from your interview wardrobe. Even if the image or message is not necessarily inappropriate, it will still remain unprofessional. You should simply stick to plain colors or classic patterns. 

5. Accessory Overload 

Accessorizing can cause problems during your interview. Like an arm’s worth of bang bracelets clanging around which is not very subtle. Instead, it is noisy and distracting, and would just interfere in the smooth flow of conversation.  

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