NetworkingHow Networking Can Help You Land Your Next Job?
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How Networking Can Help You Land Your Next Job?

Did you know that around 86% of job vacancies are filled through networking?
Exactly, that’s why networking can help you land your next job Whether you are a fresh graduate, in between jobs, or looking
to shift your career, networking is the way to get through the job market.

Studies have shown that people tend to work with those who are referred to them because it seems a lot more reliable
than choosing an employee based on a cover letter or a resume, which can be rather impersonal.

Additionally, usually job listings attract a large number of applicants, which makes this route a lot more competitive.

Therefore, fine-tuning your networking tactics to find a job is crucial to your career advancement.

Here are 5 ways to enhance your networking experience to find your next job….

1. Know the Actual Parameters of Your Network

Have you ever thought about how many people do you know? Odds are that this number is a lot bigger than you would expect.

Initially, at the top of your head, you may think that your circle of friends is small and that you need more connections.
While making more connections is always a good idea, take a moment to answer the initial question.

Have you included all of those you met in high school, college, activities, workshops, conferences, or any social event
that you have attended? Taking a moment to figure out your network’s parameters could be very beneficial.

2. Reach out to people

Reach Out To People

Now that you are aware of who you know, this is the time to reach out. Your network is of no use if you don’t take initiative.

You will never know who can really help you if you don’t ask for help.

That girl you follow on Instagram who you met at a Model UN conference back in high school could be working for
the company you have always wanted to work for.

If you reach out to her, catch up, and ask her for advice about the career, she could end up connecting you to a job opening
at the company.

Additionally, you never know how useful the networks of other people within your network can be.
Your friend from college who works in a completely different can know someone in your field who can help you.

The moral of this is to always stay in touch and keep people updated with your career intentions, this way anyone who is able
and willing to help can actually come through and land you your next job.

3. Expand Your Network

There is no such thing as a network that is too big. Strong or weak connections could be of benefit in any way. Therefore,
it is always important to be open to getting to know more people.

This could be a challenge given the circumstances of the pandemic that have put restrictions on social gatherings.
However, the virtual world has advanced greatly to help us adapt to that.

A great way to connect with people virtually is by downloading Tays, which is the first user-to-user professional networking
app in Egypt and the Middle East.

The app works with a special algorithm that helps connect you to people with similar interests, educational backgrounds,
and mindsets.

Such technology has made network expansion a lot easier than it ever was before.

4. Maintain Proper Decorum

Whether you are reaching out to people you know or you’re getting to know someone new, it is always advised to be pleasant. Making someone’s experience with you a good one increases their likelihood of helping you.

When reaching out to someone who you haven’t contacted in a while, make sure that you catch up first.
Don’t straight up ask for a job; as for advice instead.

There are many tips that you can use to make people’s networking experience with you more enjoyable.

For more on this, check this article on “How Networking Works”.

5. Keep The Connection

Keep the Connection

Do you know those people who suddenly appear in your life when they need a favor but end up completely disappearing once they get what they need? Very annoying, right? The moral of the story is do not do that.

This will make you come off as an opportunist, which will make people refrain from helping you or networking with you together.

To keep a meaningful connection, always stay in touch.
Checking in with even a text every now and then takes no time and will definitely pay off.

Additionally, if someone in your network needs a favor, do your best not to let them down.
You wouldn’t want that to happen to you, right?

Final Thoughts

By applying those 5 tips avidly it is quite possible that you will be able to acquire your next job through your own network.

Just remember the three golden rules: Reach out, expand, maintain, and you’re good to go!

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