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How To Find Business Ideas?

Ever wondered once you have established a business, how to find business ideas! Coming up with a business idea can be really challenging given we live in a time where practically everything seems to be offered.

The wonders of the mobile phone, the convenience of air conditioners, and the luxury of coffee machines have already been thought up and it just seems that all those genius minds have left us nothing but crumbs to work with.

However, given humans have endless needs and desires, there will always be something new or different to offer.

The question is how to come up with those hidden gems.

Read on, to discover our top tips on how to find business ideas?

Solve a Problem

One of the most efficient ways to stimulate a successful business idea is by pinpointing an existing problem.
This can range from a minor inconvenience to a major issue.

What remains the same is the irritation that arouses as a result.

Your goal should be to curate a product or service that completely demolishes this inconvenience because who wouldn’t be sold on an idea that makes their lives simply better?

A great example would be Netflix, the iconic streaming service that literally took the world by storm.

This platform was able to defeat the agitation that comes with inevitable ads that drag long and tedious as well as the struggle of having to schedule your day around a specific viewing time.

Although not necessarily existential issues, they still remain a source of annoyance fixed by the simple yet cunning idea of Netflix.

Improve an Already Existing Idea


You might just have to accept the fact that a completely original idea is not bound to make its way into your mind. And that is completely fine.
Some of the best ideas are ones that are inspired by others, or simply a better and more efficient replica.

Therefore, attempt to evaluate already existing products and services and think about how it can be done better.

Uber, The American tech company, providing commuting services, was not a purely raw and original idea introduced into the world.

In fact, the yellow taxi cabs have been ever so present long before Uber came into the picture. However, what made Uber the success that it is, is the idea that not only does it offer commuting services, but that it does so in a more efficient manner.

Requesting a ride from anywhere, a hassle-free payment process, higher security, are all ways in which Uber completely enhanced the already existing idea of a commuting service.

Combine Two Existing Products to Make Something New

Sometimes merging the convenience of two different products or services together can result in
the optimum idea. Think of it as a carefully selected reproductive process.

For example, the already existing bell was a really effective product in garnering the attention of those within hearing distance.

On the other hand, the clock was a life-altering invention that highly impacted the way people went about their day.

Well… put this and this together and there you have it: an alarm clock. A highly valuable product used up till today. Nothing but a result of two products perceptively combined.

Experiment with the different products babies you can make and maybe you’ll land on a killer idea.

Talk To Consumers

There is no better way to identify what the consumer wants than to talk to the actual consumer.

In other words, based on your area of interest, go about and start asking people what they think is missing,
what problems they face, what extra luxuries they desire, etc.

They might offer you insights and perspectives you wouldn’t have been able to attain alone.
Consequently, knowing your market well based on the feedback you garner, will most likely prompt a relevant business idea in mind.

Change Your Environment!

Sitting in your too familiar room, with its too familiar colors, and too familiar nooks and crannies is not exactly a source of inspiration.

Chances are, sitting in a foreign environment with all new surroundings to admire will stimulate your mind and push you out of your comfort zone.

This is expected to result in refreshing thoughts and out-of-the-box ideas. Therefore, don’t restrict yourself to the confines of your home.

Move around, here and there, and let the inspiration consumes you.

Network, Network, and Network!

Crowd of People
Meet New People

Talking to people from different backgrounds and professions, exchanging thoughtful conversations, and constantly being introduced to various faces and stories is definitely a great stimulant for your brain.

You might find your next big idea popping casually into your mind in the midst of a conversation with an individual whom you are networking with.

You also might find inspiration from the success of those around you. Knowing more people and putting yourself out there is most definitely a source of deeper knowledge, higher motivation, and more intense creativity.

You can start networking today, by clicking here and downloading Tays App,
the networking app that will effectively connect you with professionals from various industries.

Lastly… Have Fun and Embrace Bad Ideas

In conclusion, letting loose might just be the secret ingredient to a fruitful idea. Having an uptight attitude and a restrictive mindset is simply a formula for failure.

It is absolutely crucial to accept that bad idea will slither their way into your mind, and irrational concepts will roll off your tongue.
However, it is important to remember that “for every 50 bad ideas, 1 groundbreaking one might arise”.

Therefore, don’t hold back. Have fun with the process and let it all flow out with zero
restrictions set in place.

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