StartupsHow to Find Investors for A Startup?
how to find investors for a startup

How to Find Investors for A Startup?

Money might not be the solution to every problem but as a young entrepreneur trying to start their own business,
it is the winning ticket.
When starting a business, one of the most occurring problems that people face is funding.
Finding the money to get your startup sturdily standing on its feet can be hard. This is why finding investors as a startup
is always a smart and very essential move. Financial setbacks, lack of funding, and even delays due to loan approvals
are all issues that could be facilitated by having people invest in your startup, so how to find investors for a startup?

Here are 3 tips to help your startup business get its first pitch.

Go Traditional or look close to home

A loan from the bank is the most traditional way to go when it comes to funding your startup. However, before jumping
right ahead, it is important to note that getting a loan from a bank would require you to have a business financial plan
with a set budget. It also requires you to figure out which loan plan would work best with what you need.
You could go another route, which is pitching your ideas to family and friends.

Family and friends are trustworthy investors and can be the factor that allows you to raise a good amount of money
to get your business up and running.

Many of them could have been waiting for an opportunity to invest their money into something useful and it would
not hurt to ask.

It also removes the troubles of having to pitch your ideas to strangers.

Seek the Power Of the Internet

When those solutions luck out, you could always believe in the power of the internet and social media. Research the field
you are going into. Find out which business owners would be interested in your business. Reach out to as many of them
as you can to invest.

You would be surprised by the number of people who are looking for the next big thing. People who are willing
to look at your business plans and believe in them. It would be a great way to pitch your idea to them and see
if they are willing to help fund it.

Another way that social media can lend a helping hand is that it could have people reaching out to you.

Social media accounts, such as Instagram, Twitter, and even blogs could gain attention from the right people.
Therefore, an active social media presence could have people reaching out to you instead of the other way around.


Network and Meet New People

Finding investors is all about networking with the right people and there are many ways that you could do that.

Firstly, the more traditional option would be events.

There are events all over the world that you can attend that are solely there to help young and new business owners
get on their feet and make connections.

It is a great opportunity to meet important people that can potentially benefit your business.
Another alternative way to network is, which might provide more convenience, is through downloading Tays,
an app that is perfectly tailored for connecting people professionally. This might as well be the place you find
your investor.
Click here to download the app and start connecting with potential investors amongst the endless pool
of professionals.

Also, make sure to read our article on “Tips for successful networking on Tays” to make sure you make the most
out of this unique networking opportunity.

Final Thoughts

Utilizing all those options efficiently is a considerable step to landing a willing investor, however, locating your next investor
is useless if your pitch fails to impress.
To make sure your pitch doesn’t let you down, read our article “How to pitch your ideas”, and elevate your chances
to make your business idea become a sure reality.

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