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How to Pitch your Ideas?

Ever wondered how to pitch your ideas when it comes to your professional life. Making a good pitch is something that can make or break your career.

It could potentially lead you to the opportunity of a lifetime, but on the other hand, it could take a toll on your reputation if not done right.
Of course, there is no “fool-proof ” way to make a pitch because the success of your pitch depends on a lot more than your own performance.

For example, the person you’re pitching your idea to can be in a bad mood or too tired to listen effectively. However, there are a few things that you can do that can increase your chances of getting that pitch right.

Here are 5 tips to make the perfect pitch….

1. Do your Research

If you want to convey an idea to someone else, you need to have a very well-rounded knowledge about it. Merely having an abstract idea will not suffice.

To grab this person’s interest in your idea, you need to give them sufficient information so that they know what you’re talking about. Moreover, if the person happens to be interested in what you’re saying, they will start asking questions.

One “I don’t know” could quell their interest.
Therefore, you need to have strong answers to every single question that may be asked.

However, if you don’t, you need to at least have sufficient knowledge to get around the question to show that while you are yet to know the specific details they asked about, you know this other very important and relevant detail.

2. Be Confident!

Confidence is key in this situation. No one wants to hear someone who is unsure and insecure about their idea.

If you don’t believe in your own idea, why would they, right?
You need to strongly assert yourself when pitching your idea so that they start believing that this is a good idea
that is worth their time.

The previous tip is kind of a prerequisite and the key to this one. In order to speak confidently about an idea,
you need to know its “ins and outs”.

Once you are sure that you know all the details relevant to your idea, naturally, you will speak very confidently about it.

3. Be Prepared at all Times

A very wide misconception about making a pitch is that people think that they will be center-stage when making their pitch. More often than not, you will coincidentally be in the same room or space as the person you want to pitch your idea to.

You might run into that investor you have been working so hard to get an appointment with at a dinner party.
Or you may get in an elevator with the CEO of your company who is yet to recognize you in meetings.

Such opportunities are golden and they do not present themselves often.
If you plan on waiting on the appointment or an opportunity to shine at a meeting in order to prepare your pitch, you’re most likely not going to make it at all.

Networking is likely to present you with a lot more opportunities as opposed to the formal route.
Therefore, you need to present your idea at any time. You never know when it could be the opportunity of a lifetime.

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4. Choose your Timing Wisely

As previously mentioned, opportunities can present themselves at the most random times.

Does that mean that any time is a good time though?
Absolutely not! Sometimes pitching the perfect idea at the wrong time could kill the idea.

Going back to the investor example, if they seem to be enjoying themselves at the dinner party and not discussing business
whatsoever, approaching them about your idea could feel like you are intruding on them.

In such a situation, it is a lot wiser to introduce yourself informally and wait for an appropriate moment to discuss business.

Even if this moment does not present itself in this setting, you can always ask for their contact information and reach out later.

This is a lot more likely to work than having them remember you as the person who ruined their evening

5. Remain Optimistic!

Be Optimistic

Pitching your ideas is very similar to a coin toss. While someone can love your idea, someone else could hate it.
Therefore, you are very likely to face rejection.

This could even happen on multiple occasions. However, this does not mean that you should quit.

You just need to work on your idea and try again. There is no such thing as a bad idea; it is all subjective.

Rejection just means that either the circumstances were not right or the person to whom you are pitching is not the right person. Therefore, always try again and never give up.

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