TaysYour ultimate guide to Digital Marketing

Your ultimate guide to Digital Marketing

An ultimate guide to digital marketing is crucial in a time where phone screens and electronics devices are verily dominant. Utilizing the internet and the devices we continue to create day in and day out is unquestionably the most efficient manner to market one’s own products and services in current times. Therefore, given its importance, it is essential to further know the ins and outs to what digital marketing is, why you should opt for it, and how to get started.

What is Digital Marketing?

As previously mentioned, digital marketing is simply the idea of marketing your products and services through more advanced methods that include either the internet or the use of electronic devices.  

Why opt for Digital Marketing?

Choosing to market your business digitally really does come with a whole load of valuable advantages. In this guide to digital marketing, we will go over a few key ones.

More Reach: Given the vast number of internet users, the world can literally be in the palm of your hands, if you do choose to wisely take advantage of the immense power of the internet. 

Reaching your target audience: With digital marketing you actually have the ability to choose who sees your marketing content through the fairly advanced options available to select the users according to their location, age, or even interests. This means that you don’t have to waste time or money supplying your marketing content to an audience that doesn’t even align with your product or service. 

Shareable content: A major advantage of online content is that through one click your work can travel through one phone to another, and yet another. The word can spread efficiently in far less time than any traditional method available. And the more people see the brilliance of your marketing content, the better. 

Cost-Effective: One thing all companies have in common, whether big or small, is that they all naturally gravitate towards the most cost-effective option. Because who wouldn’t like to save money if possible?  That is where digital marketing becomes your one and only ally. Despite the massive reach, and shareable content, it all comes with a reasonable price to pay. 

Viewable Metrics: An advantage unique to digital marketing is the fact that you can read into the numbers and analyze the effectiveness of your strategy or campaign based on those metrics that come with online platforms. For example, the likes on a post, the views on a video, or the clicks on a link. All those can provide convenient insight you would have otherwise lacked, and based on that you can continuously alter and improve your content.

Interactivity: With digital marketing, comments can be shared, replies can be delivered, and feedback can be garnered all with digital marketing. This interactivity can really work on connecting the individual to the brand and vice versa, and in result this deepened relationship is more likely to prompt the consumer to make a purchase, and cause the marketer, in other words you, to better understand the opinions and pointers offered by your audience and based on that efficiently update the marketing strategy. 

The Different Types of Digital Marketing:

Content Marketing: This entails the process of creating content tailored to the target audience, whether that be blog posts, infographics, or video. (Example: Your Ultimate Guide to Digital Marketing)

Email Marketing: Those are emails sent to the target audience in an attempt to maintain communication with them. The email can make them aware of new products, services, or offers that are available. They can also include written content depicting the value and mission of the company as a form of engagement and connection to the consumer.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO): This can be referred to as the attempt to be on Google’s good side in order to get your website ranking up higher when it comes to search results. Keywords and inbound links are just two of the various factors that can optimize your website. And given it is crucial for your website and content to be easily accessible, SEO is highly impactful when it comes to digital marketing. 

Social Media Marketing: This includes utilizing the ever so popular apps downloaded on millions of phones, and used excessively such as Instagram, Facebook, Snapchat, and Twitter. This type of digital marketing really stresses on the benefits of high interactivity. 

Affiliate Marketing: This is where an affiliate advertises your product or service and in return gets a commission based on their performance and marketing efforts in terms of how many customers are secured by them. 

Pay per Click (PPC): Through this method you actually pay a publisher such as Google to advertise your website on the very top of the search results page, and every click that your link gets equates to a specific sum that you must pay. In other words: a price for a benefit. 

Native Advertising: This is sponsored content that looks similar to the content of the platform through which it is advertised, ensuring that it does not look odd or out of place.

Influencer Marketing: This is where you have your product or service advertised by a figure with a known face and a loyal fan base or audience which is surely an efficient manner to reap the benefit off of someone else’s already existing audience. 

How to start on Digital Marketing:

Set a Goal: Before getting into the finer details of your digital marketing strategy, it is first mandatory that you set a specific goal in mind that you aim to reach. Is it garnering more purchases or increasing your brand awareness? Your goal should be far from vague and should most definitely be measurable because otherwise you’ll never know whether your marketing efforts were successful in achieving your goals or not. 

Create buyer personas: This process includes figuring out the details of what your buyer is possibly like. A persona generally entails a name, age, occupation, interests, etc. Through understanding the type of individual you’re targeting you will be able to tailor your content to better click with your audience. 

Set a budget: Despite digital marketing being relatively cost-effective it is still extremely important to determine how much you are willing to spend in order to allocate the money efficiently into your plan. Otherwise, you might find yourself with an unintended misallocation of valuable money.

Select your preferred strategy: Given the high variety in options to choose from when it comes to digital marketing this does not automatically translate to having to use them all. In fact, using all the aforementioned methods can prove to be inefficient. Therefore, it is best if you pick the methods that you believe will resonate the most with your pre-planned buyer personas, as well as your budget, and goal.

Create appealing content: Put time and effort into carefully crafting content that engages your audience and piques their interest. Because all prior steps will be of no use if the content itself is not worthy of the audience’s attention. Therefore, brainstorm with your team, let those creative juices flow, and produce out of the box, unique, content. 

Let the analytics do the talking: With digital marketing you have the facts and the digits displayed right in front of you. Don’t swiftly scan through them, but rather analyze them and understand what they signify in order to implement updates accordingly, and create an even more competent marketing strategy.

If you managed to get a hold of the main concept through this guide to digital marketing yet you find yourself still seeking a professional to ensure the correct implementation of a successful marketing strategy. Click here to sign up and get notified when you can download Tays to start forming professional connections and expand your network.

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