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1. Company Polices

If you want to read the Privacy Policy of Tays click the button below.

2. What is Tays?

Tays is a networking app that helps you grow & maintain your networks on a professional level using a distinctive machine learning algorithm that is based on matchmaking. Tays’ simple user experience makes professional networking easy while adding a social and casual touch.

3. Where can I find the app?

You can find Tays on both Appstore and the Google Playstore.

4. What are the main features of the app?

  • Networking 

Grow your professional network with a few swipes

  • Chat 

Get to know your new connections & form meaningful bonds

  • Newsfeed 

 Maintain your network & stay in touch 


5. Is the app free?

Yes, Tays is FREE. However, you can choose to upgrade your profile for extra benefits and more features!

6. Who can I network with on Tays?

You can network with people in your same industry such as: industry experts, investors, suppliers, professionals in other fields & people of all sorts who can help you grow professionally.

7. How many swipes do I get per day?

You get 10 swipes a day once you start, but you can get more swipes & other benefits once you invite your friends to login to the App.

8. Is Tays a safe space?

Yes, most definitely. Tays is strictly professional. Tays’ algorithm as well as user verification process makes sure to detect any malicious users who violate the community guidelines. Moreover, if there are any problems that arise you can immediately report any users and they will be dealt with swiftly.


9. What is the premium account? 

The premium account will give you an elevated networking experience through more swipes, more engagement, and more exposure. You can also see who swiped right on your profile and you get more undos, and banana likes. 


10. Can I unsubscribe from a premium account?

Yes, you can cancel your subscription to the premium account at any time by going to your profile > Manage account > Cancel subscription.


11. What happens if I forget my credentials?

You don’t have to worry, you can always reset your password through your registered email or phone number. 

12. What if I don’t know how to network?

You don’t have to worry about that! You can use recommended icebreakers to get conversations going and stay in touch with your network through your newsfeed. Moreover, check out our Blog for tips & tricks on how to build your network and much more!

13.  How can I contact you?

You can contact us through our email address info@tays.app or by sending us a message on the website by clicking here.

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