Our Process


First comes a
loose sketch, idea

Nowadays, all networking platforms require that you put together your resume, CV, and loads of other documentation just to get started. Who has time for all of that anymore? The world is changing fast, and we need to adapt with it. With that in mind, the idea for Tays grew out of a desire to fill a gap in the market. Our goal was to inevitably make networking accessible, and efficient process for everyone. Everyone should be able to network and grow their circle no matter where they are in life. It should be an easy process. That is where Tays comes in.

Then the idea
turns into design

How would people make profiles? How would they connect with others? How can people express themselves or broadcast a particular idea? These questions helped us figure out what is now the newsfeed, and matchmaking algorithm. We figured out what needed to be part of our system to make Tays the best it can be. That way, users can get the most out of the program. It all started with a question, then, before we knew it, Tays had evolved from a hypothetical idea, to a reality.


Realization and
development is next

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Presentation and
final touches

Our last step was developing the app into what you see now; perfecting the details, the logo, the homepage, all the visual components that make Tays what it is. We wanted it to be sleek, simple, and eye-catching all at once. It took a long time for the idea to evolve into the platform you are on now. It’s your turn; get an idea, connect with the right people using Tays as your guide, and watch your dream come to life.

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