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Professional networking. Sounds familiar right? It’s not uncommon that we hear the phrase “your network is your net worth”or receive advice from mentors telling us to network in order to achieve great things.However, to network efficiently, like anything, you need to start off by actually understanding what professional networking means and what it entails. What […]

Ever wondered once you have established a business, how to find business ideas! Coming up with a business idea can be really challenging given we live in a time where practically everything seems to be offered. The wonders of the mobile phone, the convenience of air conditioners, and the luxury of coffee machines have already […]

Ever wondered why you should freelance! Taking the decision to hop onto the freelancing bandwagon can be a tough one to make. Freelancing can differ completely from the typical 9 to 5 office job we’re all so used to, therefore, the choice can be quite intimidating. However, despite the initial concern, if you look further […]

We all worry about what to say in a job interview, but often we completely neglect thinking about what NOT to say. Avoiding specific statements can really help you steer clear of losing precious points in the eyes of your interviewer.   A job interview can really be a crucial aspect of your application process as […]

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