TaysThe Student CEO: Sherif Bacheet
Shrief Bacheet The Student CEO

The Student CEO: Sherif Bacheet

The average 21-year old’s life generally revolves around the struggle to make it through the immense pressure of college, whilst still trying to figure out which path to take after caps are thrown in the air and diplomas are received. However, Sherif Bacheet, although 21, does not fall under your “average 21 year old” category. With his acquired title of CEO of “Tays”, as well as his status as a full-time student, Sherif is far from what you would call “average”. 

Tays is a virtual networking app aiming to ease the process of connecting people professionally. It was inspired by Sherif’s own experience and struggles with networking. Sherif was always led by his immense entrepreneurial spirit and this was clearly evident during highschool where he started three companies. However, When he graduated and travelled to Germany for his higher education, the lack of ability to form a solid network halted his entrepreneurial ambitions. From there on the idea of Tays was formulated in an attempt to provide society with what he once needed but unfortunately lacked. 

Upon his arrival back to Egypt due to the circumstances of Covid-19, Sherif was determined to build a strong network that would enable him to start bringing his business to life. And as per the popular saying, “when there is a will, there is a way”.

Despite his current success, and the company’s anticipated bright future having just recently landed a seven figure investment, things were not as clear-cut and smooth as they may appear. Sherif faced multiple obstacles on his journey, the biggest being assembling the right team. In addition, he started his company during the Covid-19 pandemic, and although it was not entirely a disadvantage given that the pandemic raised the demand for virtual networking platforms, it still remained a difficult task given the uncertainties of starting and running a company during a highly unforeseen global pandemic.

Like many successful entrepreneurs, it was inevitable that Sherif would misstep along the way. When asked about this Sherif said one issue he faced was that his vision initially did not align with the needs of his targeted segment. However, as a result, he carried out extensive market research to ensure that he knew his targeted segment inside out. 

So how does he manage? Being a university student is technically a full-time job, and having a full time job above that may sound impossible to many. However, Sherif has managed to prove that it is absolutely not. With enough passion and dedication, one can balance between pretty much anything. According to Sherif, the key to such a good balance is time management and getting tasks done as soon as possible so that they do not pile up.

Many young men and women fueling with ambition want to take that leap of faith and follow in Sherif’s truly inspiring footsteps; however, the path could come off as intimidating. To those people, Sherif says “The people who are crazy enough to wake up and say ‘today is the day I change the world’ are those who actually change it.”

By: Zeina Ahmed

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