TaysThe Big 5 Egypt Impact Awards to take place on June 27 honoring the construction industry
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The Big 5 Egypt Impact Awards to take place on June 27 honoring the construction industry

On the 27th of June 2021, “The big 5 Egypt Impact Awards” will take place at the Cairo International Convention Centre (CICC) in Nasr city to commemorate the construction sector in Egypt. This in person event aims to honor those who have left powerful imprints in the sustainable development field, as well those who aided in the crafting of the brilliantly innovative and influential construction projects implemented in Egypt.

The very keen and experienced set of 16 industry specialists and judges of the award ceremony have shortlisted those applicants who have proved to be absolutely resilient and spirited amongst the 100s of applicants who have applied to receive such an honorable award. The judge panel includes professionals such as Dr Samer Ezeldin a construction engineering professor from one of the Middle East’s leading universities: The American University in Cairo. Other esteemed individuals include Amruta Kshemkalyani, the founder of sustainability tribe, the UAE’s sustainable lifestyle online learning resource and guide.

This highly qualified set of judges will be selecting the winners for each of the 19 categories presented in this award ceremony. Categories such as young male and female construction professional of the year will direct special attention towards young yet budding professional talents. Yet, more diversified categories do exist covering a vast array of industry related aspects such as award for sustainable initiative of the year, contractor of the year, and an award for inclusion and diversity.

The rightful winners will be selected on the day of the event and despite only a select amount walking away with an award, it is for sure that amongst this fierce pool of competitors, all candidates harbor impeccable success stories, and pronounced accomplishments worthy of recognition. 

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By: Malak Kamel

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