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The Ultimate Guide to Networking as an Introvert

Some might assume that both networking and introverts cannot simply go hand in hand. Whilst that is a common misconception, it does remain true that as an introvert you might find the idea of socializing to be quite draining.
However, with this ultimate guide to networking as an introvert, you can battle those qualms and easily thrive in your networking prospects.

1. Recharge

Accept that you are an individual who regains your energy through your alone time. As it is not the flaw in your system or weakness in your biological makeup.

It is simply a personality type that flourishes by the idea of reflective moments, and quiet alone time.

Therefore, honor that, and make sure to recharge before you go out and about on your mission to network.

2. Be Realistic

Don’t go in with expectations of seamless conversation, smooth introductions, and countless formed connections. Set realistic expectations.

Accept that you might form two valuable connections instead of ten, accept that you will face awkward silences and tedious
conversations because that is human nature.

It isn’t a perfectly scripted movie, with words so eloquently sequenced together, and that is okay.

This is reality. If you go on with such realistic expectations then you’ll leave no room for disappointment.

3. Be Approahable

In those moments when the doubts creep in and your social battery slowly starts to drain, you find yourself unable to take the initial step by approaching people.

In these cases, if you want to have a fruitful networking experience, the least you can do is be approachable. In other words?

Simply have a warm welcoming smile spread across your face and keep your phone snug in your pocket.

No one wants to approach a hostile-looking individual too preoccupied with their phone.

4. Listen > Talk

You don’t have to exert so much pressure on yourself to keep rambling on and hopping from one conversation to the next.

On the contrary, if listening is your strength, well then this is your time to shine.

People feel appreciated when their words and stories are relished through courteous nods and alert ears.

Therefore, don’t falsely assume that networking is all about your endless recounting of stories and insightful topics.
But rather you can sit back, listen and satisfy the introverted side within you.

5. Prepare

Although you can’t really anticipate how exactly the night will go, you can always come prepared.
This means having an elevator speech ready for when someone asks you “what do you do” and having those icebreakers
ready to unleash.

This preparation will alleviate the pressure of thinking on the spot, and therefore, you will find yourself feeling more ready and
more relaxed.

6. Be Present

You know when you’re conversing with someone and you keep trying to think about the next best thing to say?
The perfect response to their story? The most fitting follow-up question? Well, don’t.

Constantly thinking about the future will eliminate the beauty of being completely present.

This means no enjoyment and increased mental effort. Just attempt to be present and whenever you find your mind slyly wandering to future situations just cut it off right there and then.

7. Don’t Go Solo

If despite all you’re still feeling the anxiety slowly eating you up, call for your support system.

Having someone there with you, a familiar face, and a comfortable presence can really help get you through the day.

They’re there to initiate the conversation for you when you fail to or motivate you when you decide you’d rather huddle up in your bed.

Having a friend tag along with you in any networking event can really help in terms of moral support.

8. Resort to Virtual networking

One of the many favors the internet has provided us is the ability to network online.
This means you can network whenever you feel charged up enough and you can do so behind the safety of
your phone screen instead of the intense glare of people.

If the idea of doing so brings you comfort then just go ahead and click here to download Tays App, the first professional networking
app in the MENA Region.

With Tays, you can simply swipe your way to a successful networking experience.

Final Thoughts

By now you are aware of the 8 most essential tips on the ultimate guide to networking as an introvert, taking these tips into consideration will help you build your network.
Not to mention that nowadays, it’s crucial to know how networking works and develop these skills for the sake of better personal achievements in life.

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