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Why You Should Freelance?

Ever wondered why you should freelance! Taking the decision to hop onto the freelancing bandwagon can be a tough one to make.

Freelancing can differ completely from the typical 9 to 5 office job we’re all so used to, therefore, the choice can be quite intimidating.

However, despite the initial concern, if you look further into it, there are endless reasons why you should freelance, and here are some of them.

1. Boss, Who?

Taking orders, occasionally being scolded, and constantly reporting to someone isn’t everyone’s cup of tea.

However, this is what you sign up for with your typical office job. You are inevitably going to be subject to this power dynamic and hierarchy.

On the other hand, with freelancing you are literally your own boss and who wouldn’t love that?
You are the sole decision-maker for how you choose to operate and you only have yourself to either let down or make proud.

Sounds enticing? Well, that’s a solid reason to start your freelancing career.

2. Flexible Working Hours

Given, we stress again, you’re your own boss, you have the complete freedom to choose your working hours.

Want to work with the break of dawn? Go ahead. Rather not work consecutively, but take generous breaks amidst your work? The decision is all yours.

You have the privilege of shaping your day however you desire, in order to maintain the work-life balance that best suits your preferences.

Say goodbye to your quite constricting 9 to 5 and say hello to utmost flexibility.

3. You Can Work From Anywhere

Whether you prefer to snuggle in the warmth of your bed or spend the week in your beloved beach house, freelancing allows for all.

As long as you have your laptop, and a Wi-Fi connection, you get to work from anywhere and everywhere.

Get creative and change it up because you have the choice of making any setting in your office.

Work all the way from your soothing bubble bath at home, to your ever so familiar coffee shop right around the corner.

Clearly, this lifestyle that accompanies freelancing is all for freedom and exploration.

If that sits right with you then you should seriously start contemplating heading down the freelancing route.

4. You Can Be Picky

Not impressed with the task at hand? Simply decline it. Feeling agitation working with this specific client? Move on to the next.

With freelancing, you can be highly selective and no one can object because you are in control.

5. Job Security

In a usual office job you always uphold the risk of getting fired. It can be your declining performance, a falling out you had with your boss, or a major financial crisis that calls for a staff cut.

This unease of never fully guaranteeing your job is surely unpleasant. And that is where freelancing easily has the upper hand.

With freelancing, the only time you won’t become a freelancer is when YOU decide not to be.

So even when everything in your life is slowly falling apart, you know that this is the one thing you have in control.

6. More Diversity

Another reason why you should freelance is the varied assortment of projects you can take on. That is something you usually lack with a regular job dedicated to a singular company.
As a freelancer, you get to work with numerous clients all requiring varied tasks.

This can be a breeding ground for constantly expanding your knowledge, and furthering your expertise. And no one can say no to that.

7. Fewer Expenses

You know the valuable money you pay for fashioning your formal work wardrobe and filling up your tank with the increasingly expensive gasoline to commute to work?

Well, you can now keep it all cozy and happy in your bank account because with freelancing you might as well work from home in your pajamas.

No money there. And let’s not lie, we ALL naturally gravitate towards saving money.

8. You Get What You Work For

With freelancing, there are no more nights spent overworking with no financial bonuses in return.

The more you decide to work the more you get and vice versa. This correlation is easily present with freelancing and you just generally don’t experience this with a set salary.

Realistically speaking, you can make way more work as a freelancer if you do it right and efficiently.

9. You Make Your Own Holidays

No, you don’t have to wait for Christmas or Eid to sit back and relax.
If you wake up and feel like “hey I need a holiday” then you get a holiday. Your wish is your command.

As captivating as this sounds don’t forget that self-discipline is key to becoming a successful freelancer, because in spite of everything, overusing those privileges can lead to a thinning bank account and a fluctuating career.

By now, you have a clear image of the reasons why you should freelance and the importance of freelancing now and in the future.

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Final Thoughts

The concept of freelancing jobs is increasing daily as everything around us is evolving to be remote, and so is freelancing.

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