TaysFerrero Supply Chain Regional Director Talks “Wrong Decisions” Turned Right

Ferrero Supply Chain Regional Director Talks “Wrong Decisions” Turned Right

Ayman Kamel, FERRERO regional supply chain director, gives us an insight into his awe-inspiring career journey taking us through his booming ups and overwhelming downs, proving that sometimes the “wrong” decision in society’s ever-skeptical eyes, can be the right decision for you. But how so?

Ayman got his bachelor’s degree in Industrial engineering in Canada, a country full of endless possibilities. However, upon receiving the diploma that would unlock the doors for all prospective successes, Ayman decided to up and leave and head back to his home country Egypt. To many, this decision was ignorant to the privileges he would have experienced on a daily basis if he had stayed in this prospering first-world country. How could he just give up the chance of gaining citizenship and being part of a country buzzing with limitless chances and a seemingly bright future?

 Ayman however had a different perspective. He saw the global economic crisis that struck Canada in 2009 as an inevitable obstacle to the smooth sailing of his career there. Consequently, this drove him to leave and search for prospects in his own country. “Losing more time to kick-off my career was off the table for me,” Ayman clarified, explaining his reasoning behind a choice misunderstood by many. Despite any objections, he persisted and chose the “wrong” choice in society’s judgment, because for him it went hand in hand with his career objectives and that’s all that mattered.

After settling in Egypt and slowly but surely climbing up the success ladder Ayman was faced with his second highly doubted choice. This was when he decided to leave Unilever, one of the global leading fast-moving consumer goods multinationals in the world after he had ranked up the company’s hierarchy to being its global planning manager.

“I decided to leave Unilever 6 years on, to work for an organization that may be far less reputable. I was seen as simply insane by all the friends and family around me. I was questioned on whether I am capable of making a decision for letting go of such a prestigious organization. But when I look 6 years back when I took that decision, it was one of the best decisions I took, and it came with a very important lesson learned.”

Ayman took a leap of faith that was extremely questionable by those who cared for him. He saw a chance to expand his network and further grow in his industry, however, society saw a downgrade. After all, we hear of people leaving companies to go to more highly regarded ones, a completely comprehendible choice. But opting for a less reputable company is a harder pill to swallow. So why the risk? Why would someone decide on such a precarious choice as opposed to the safety of a secure and blossoming job?

Well to answer this Ayman says: “It is important to make yourself feel uncomfortable. The discomfort, be it in a social setting, a new job where you have to prove yourself, or a certain calculated risk that you’re taking, are all fundamental to growth. You can’t expect your muscles to grow bigger if you don’t exercise them and stretch them to their limits, it’s no different in your career journey.”

All those “wrong decisions” Ayman took throughout his career are what led to where he is today; a valued and essential member of the FERRERO team looking after the end to end supply chain network for some of the most renowned brands such as Nutella, Kinder, Ferrero Roche, and Tic Tac. He played an immense role in helping the company in establishing its footprint in the Middle East, building up an entire department, and ruthlessly penetrating the market, all from scratch. So here it is. Your wrong can be a right to someone else and your right can be wrong to someone else. It’s that simple. And as Ayman puts it: “Don’t ever fear taking an extreme decision, as long as it lines up with what YOU want.”

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By: Malak Kamel

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